Two-Minute Paper Clip Tassels

Remember when I created these tassels for a necklace this past summer for my blog collaboration? Yeah, well, I also made a ton more than needed and so I came up with this little Paper Clip Tassel DIY!

Rainbow Tassel Necklace

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If you want to see how to make the tassels, check out my post on that here. Super cute. Super easy. Super tiny. I seriously made soo many of them but I couldn’t help myself, I loved how they were looking and the colors were to die for!

For this project, I used just basic silver paperclips, but they would also be fun in gold or colored clips too. Sometimes I feel like I need to ease off the gold and go back to basics with silver though, ya know?

I simply tied the tassel on and trimmed! Done and done. Two minutes. Or less. Honestly.

It’s the most basic thing, but they are so convenient to have around! They are making my life (slightly) more organized and (most definitely) prettier. Anything pretty to look at is a win in my book.

What do you guys think? How cute would they be as a part of a gift; a new book or two with matching tassel bookmarks, or a fresh 2017 planner with a pretty little set of these? On that note- I need a new planner still! Eeep!

Xo- Em