New Year, New Goals, New Me {and You}!

Well ‘ello lovelies! How has everyone been? It’s been a while since we’ve had a “life chat”, hasn’t it? Today I thought I would take some time to share my 2017 goals/plans/resolutions/whateveryouwanttocallthem. Writing down your goals helps to achieve them, writing them down for everyone to see? No pressure…

Affiliate Disclosure

I don’t know about you but I never think about my goals right away on January 1st. It takes me a while but once I get going, I like to grab a notebook and create sort of my vision for the year. Let me tell you, last year’s did NOT go as planned; I did achieve some, but had more experiences and learning’s than originally outlined.

2017 Goals

  • Take {even better} Care of Myself
    • A new year, and a new me that is going to care for her body and skin. I’ve worked hard over the past few months to eat better and drop some weight. My body is finally at its “happy weight” and I plan to keep it that way. I want to focus on clean nutrition, healthy portion sizes, and drinking less. I want to balance this with some working out and weight training. I’ve slimmed down, so now I’m ready to tone up!
    • I decided that not only do I want to stay fit, but I also want to take better care of my skin. I mean, it’s the only skin I’ve got and if I am being honest, I haven’t been treating it well. I deal with adult acne, but up until this point, had no problem using cheap, and sometimes WAY too old facial products and makeup. At 30, it is past time that I invest in and care for my body the way it deserves. So, starting now, I have decided to become a Beautycounter Consultant. I am SO excited and almost nervous to attempt this! I really love that the company is doing their best to make safe products for your entire family. Did you know that they have a list of over 1500 ingredients that they will never put in their products because they are harmful or toxic, and that currently, the US only bans or restricts 11? Mind=blown, and that’s just one of the reasons I decided to jump on board! 
  • Pay off at least one loan and work towards the rest. Total Dave Ramsey ish right there, but these student loans gotsta go.
  • Travel someplace new! Always on the list, always achievable.
  • Continue progressing with the blog. Work out a more consistent schedule and take the time for it. I really enjoy it when I do, so you wouldn’t think it would be that hard. Balancing both a full-time and now a part-time job on top of it might prove to be more difficult though!
  • Get involved in Lincoln. Not exactly sure how yet, but maybe some sort of club to meet people? Volunteering? Some sort of committee? Basically I would like to meet people, network, and hopefully do some good along the way.
  • Make more money. This has literally been on my list every year since I started making them. I’ve had some successful years and some not so much. I think the problem before was that I wasn’t thinking outside of the box. I was thinking basically that I would need to progress in a current job or get a new one in order to achieve this. The trick was, it wasn’t making me happy and I would end up burnt out and stressed out. So, to specify, I want to do something that I like. That I want to do. That makes me happy. By taking the steps to diversify my income, I think I can get there with some hard work. I love the flexibility that retail provides me, so between that, Beautycounter, and the blog, I want to create a decent start. I also think that there is a weird stigma around wanting to make more, but my thoughts? “PSH”, this is a totally acceptable goal if you’re willing to work hard to make it happen.

So that’s it! I have a full and busy year ahead, but I am excited for the challenge. How about you? What are your 2017 goals/resolutions/hopes/dreams? I’d love to hear!

Xo- Em