Final Review of the 21 Day Fix

Hey there everyone! As you might know, we’re finally in Lincoln and working hard to get settled in. These past few weeks have been insane with the packing, cleaning, driving 9 hours pulling a trailer, and finally moving into our NEW HOME! So excited to share some pictures and thoughts on updates needed here in the near future. But for now, lets start with wrapping up the 21 Day Fix.

21 Day Fix

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First, Healthy Life Hacks

I think I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, this program might be the easiest and best that I’ve tried. Not sure why, but this time I was able to stick with it and actually wanted to keep going (technically finished week 4 yesterday, although I slacked more than ever last week with the move- hello, delivery pizza). I came up with the best moving idea ever though, and it has helped greatly this past week- while still in Chicago, while we still had internet hooked up, I did my grocery shopping online with Hy-Vee Aisles Online and scheduled my groceries to be delivered right after we signed the papers for the house. Literally. We got there, I set down my bag, and boom, the Hy-Vee truck pulled right up the driveway and brought me my fresh veggies, a few pre-made salads, frozen fruit, and more. I even told the lady, “Hi, we just moved in 15 seconds ago, you can set the bags anywhere”.

Do this if you ever move. Or if you just have the option for delivery. There isn’t even a delivery fee if you spend over $100…which, who doesn’t do that? Plus, you can still use coupons and things if you do that. I wasn’t that prepared, but I saved my receipt and got some cash back on Ibotta, which is always nice.

HyVee Delivery to the Rescue!
HyVee Delivery to the Rescue!

Oh, you don’t use Ibotta? There is something wrong in your life if you’re willingly not getting money back on things. Check it out in the App Store, and use my code to get $10 back after your first rebate and join my team to earn even more! The best part about it is that you don’t have to plan, you can check the app after you get home and see if you bought anything that has a current rebate. Then you just snap a pic of the bar code and your receipt and a day later, you have cash in your account. DO IT.

CODE: nbclxby

Oven-baked tilapia, fresh greens, French vinaigrette. I also roasted some carrots on the side!
Oven-baked tilapia, fresh greens, French vinaigrette. I also roasted some carrots on the side!

Real life, that wasn’t even an ad. I just really like Hy-Vee and Ibotta and I think you should too.


So anyway, today, after 4 weeks of using the 21 Day Fix, I finally weighed myself. I hadn’t done this yet because a) I didn’t want to get discouraged at the very beginning, b) it was more about health than weight, c) my scale needed new batteries and I couldn’t be bothered to buy any, and d) I packed that puppy up for the move. So after a little pep talk, I stepped on this morning, annnnnd I am down 8 POUNDS. EIGHT! I haven’t been this low since before I started dating T and he made me gain that “happy relationship weight” or whatever. I mean, happy we’re happy, but this is super great news in my life. I had noticed that my jeans felt loose, but I was chalking it up to things like, “they’re old, must be too worn in”, or “oh, I haven’t washed these in a while”, etc.

If you are contemplating doing this program, I highly recommend it. I even found this cheaper version of the portion control containers and similar program on Amazon that could really help you! In fact, I might buy it because at just $10, it is likely worth it, and I am all about the savings.

Xo- Em

P.S.- now that we’re moved in, I can finally get back to crafting, painting, refurbishing, and doing all things creative! More to come soon 🙂