The Subscription Box for Thrifters is HERE!

You all know me and my love for thrifting. The hunt, the treasures to be found, everything about it. Since moving into our first home in October, I have been on a home decor kick. That’s all I’ve really spent time searching for. I have found some adorable things, at great prices. But…

I also love clothes. Working retail hasn’t helped that. My closet has mounds of tops, dresses, and jeans spilling out of it at the moment. It makes my heart full.

So imagine my joy when I found a company that marry’s my love for thrifting and fashion? How could such a perfect thing exist in a stage in my life where I don’t have the time or energy to do it myself? Guys, Secondhand Society is the real deal. They spend the time hunting for the treasures. They style the outfits and add the accessories. All you need to do is wait for your box to arrive and enjoy!

The Box

My first box graced my doorstep a few weeks ago. I was excited, nervous, and not really sure if they’d get my style or find something that fit (although I suppose the style quiz I took helped with that). I opened my box and was instantly excited. Honestly, I would have been excited about anything, because getting mail is the best but, whatever it was, I already knew I liked the colors and pattern. It was anything but lackluster. Guys. It was a dress! I was about to be a wrap front, high slit, low neck, long sleeved goddess. Plus it was originally from Nordstrom, I know because it had the tags still attached. It’s like they know me!

How cute is this packaging?! I mean, I’D like to twirl on my haters!

My dress was also paired with some adorable vintage earrings, a matching bangle, and a really cool hand-painted hair clip. An entire wedding outfit in a box for under $30. Boom.

I can’t even with this packaging. So dope.

I had to try this on immediately. I’m serious, I couldn’t even wait to bring it to the bedroom to change. It’s fine, I’m sure the retired neighbors enjoyed the show. Best news yet? Much to my surprise, it fit like a glove! It’s a miracle! I’m sure the neighbors also loved the happy dance that followed!

I ran outside as the sun was setting to try and take some selfies because I couldn’t wait for T to be around to take the good ones. Golden hour, means the best pictures in your new pretty dress!

Just prancing around my backyard with glee…
Color, pattern, style, fit, FOR THE WIN
Even the accessories were on point!

Interested in trying the service? Well great news, I have a coupon that they gave me to share with you! Just type in COFFEE at checkout to receive 10% off your first box, plus free shipping!

Don’t mind the sun. I literally poured a glass of wine to celebrate this box.

Xo, Em