Simple, Easy, and Elegant Painted Pumpkins

With moving this month, I knew that I likely wouldn’t have the time to decorate for fall, a tradition that I love. I figured, rightfully so, that we wouldn’t have unpacked enough boxes and organized enough rooms to even locate my decor. Still, I needed to have a little something set out because we have a beautiful mantle that shouldn’t go to waste! So, as we were running errands the other weekend, I asked T if we could swing into the Dollar Tree and pick up a few of their foam pumpkins. At only a dollar each, one can’t go wrong. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with them, but I knew that the horrible orange had to go, and thus, these simple, easy, and elegant painted pumpkins were born.

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Prime & Prep

The first step is to cover up the horrendous original colors! Mine were like neon orange and green- gross. Use some cheap white spray paint and give the pumpkins a good coat before any other colors are layered on top. This way, whatever color is painted, is truly that color.

Orange Pumpkin


Once dry, let the fun can begin!

Base Paint

I had a sample of some latex paint from Behr that I decided to use on the teal pumpkin. For the navy one, I just used some good ol’ 79 cent craft paint. Get down your base coat for both. This step will likely take two or more coats, especially when using a dark color like navy.


For the teal pumpkin, I simply used stick-on rhinestones that I have had forever, just waiting for a project to use them on. I decided to do them in the shape of a cobweb. Use a tweezers to apply!



The navy pumpkin took some practice. I wanted to do a floral print but I wasn’t sure how to create the look I wanted because I’ve never tried to paint flowers before! After some research on Pinterest, and found this tutorial that was a good starting point for me. I then practiced a few times on a paper plate to get the look I was going for.

DIY: Lilly Pulitzer Flowers in 10 Easy Steps! | Her Campus:
DIY: Lilly Pulitzer Flowers in 10 Easy Steps!


Just like that, you have a beautiful pumpkin (or two!) that you can set out for the entirety of fall. Next year, I will find some different shapes and sizes to make a floral pumpkin set. I just love the final look, don’t you?


I painted a few groups of the flowers to mix things up,
I painted a few groups of the flowers to mix things up,
Mmm, as if I need more candy!
Mmm, as if I need more candy!

Happy Halloween!

Xo- Em