21 Days Until Lincoln, 21 Day Fix for Me

21 days, yes, just 21 more days until the big move! Actually 21 days seems like kind of a long time…3 weeks, just 3 more weeks until the big move! Now that I think about it, today is actually 20 days until we move, 21 days until we move in to our new place…it’s a grey area. Holy crap, someone help me pack, there isn’t enough time! Panic!

With just such a short amount of time left in Chicago, I decided I should go out with a bang. And by bang, I mean I decided that I would like to leave on a high note and feeling good both inside and out. I’ve also sort of been banned from making any more crafts because we’re super worried that all of our stuff won’t fit in the uHaul trailer that we ordered. So ya know, time to focus on food.

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I am actually already on day three of the 21 Day Fix. If you aren’t familiar, it is a program designed by Beachbody to help with portion control, clean eating, and maintaining a consistent work out schedule. I am mainly focusing on the eating part, because this summer I have been BAD. So much traveling, so much junk food. Blah. With enough research, I figured out that I didn’t actually need to buy the kit and that I could prep and plan on my own. If you need that extra guidance, it is nice to have the full program (I got the full program when I did INSANITY and it was worth it).

I thought I would take the next three weeks and share the experience with you as well as some recipes etc. Should be fun!

Prep Day

Planned my meals on Sunday and went shopping at Aldi. Spent $57 and got way more than I need for this week. I should have the majority of next week covered with the exception of a few produce items. I planned my meals based off of plans that I found on Pinterest:

No-Cook Meal Plan from Beachbody: You can follow the direct link or find it on my Pinterest board. I chose this one because it was SO simple and I already had a good portion of the ingredients needed. I did make a few substitutions though.

  1. I am not using Shakeology at the time. I have my own protein powder from another company that I need to use up first. The calories are actually slightly less than what is in Shakeology, and also I am broke. So.
  2. I don’t like roast beef, so I decided to do a shrimp salad instead. We had some on-hand. I am about to eat the first one for lunch today, I’ll let you know how it goes. Thinking I am going to drizzle with EVOO that has some sort of mixture of spices in it…not sure.
  3. The Asian Chicken Wrap looked good, but it required me to buy more than I needed for this week. I swapped that recipe out for this Taco Salad one.
    1. I changed a few things with the salad to make sure it fit within my allowed “colors” for the day (read up on the Fix and you’ll know what I mean!).
      1. I don’t use taco seasoning anymore. I always keep my own spices on hand and mix up my own. This allows me to eliminate extra salt.
      2. I didn’t need the tortilla’s, so I just didn’t use them.
      3. With the mashed avocado, I added cilantro. Nom.
      4. I added a sprig of green onion on top of the salad and some hot sauce. SO GOOD.

I spent just about an hour prepping the meals for the week. It was so easy and I know that if I prep meals ahead of time, I stick to them. If I don’t, I reach for that box of Cheez-It’s and mow down until I can think of something else to make. Not exactly a good plan.

21 Day Fix Recipes
Tuna Lettuce Wraps- sorry about the terrible photography!
21 Day Fix Recipes
Shrimp Salad Bowl

Before you start cooking away, make sure you know what you are allowed based on your current weight! I suggest taking a look at the pins on my 21 DAY FIX board.

Day 1

Easy. Flew through the day. Wasn’t hungry. Took me ages to eat my breakfast. Felt really good.

Day 2

STARVING. All day. SO damn hungry. This blows and is the worst program in the world. Those Tuna Wraps did squat. I felt satisfied (not full, but okay) for like an hour and then watched the clock until I could make my snack. But like, I am going to stick with it because clearly if I am this hungry, I need to train myself to eat less. Did you know people actually claim they couldn’t eat all of the food because they were so full?! I am very confused about this statement.

Day 3

Feeling so energized. Way more pep in my step than I have probably had the past few months. I just feel good, ya know? I am also less starving*. Getting super hungry right now, but it is 1:30pm and I haven’t had lunch yet! I’ve been in the blogging zone, don’t hate.

The true test will be this weekend. We have family flying in from out of town and there are Cubs games and tailgating planned. I. MUST. STAY. STRONG. Technically, you’re allowed 4 oz. of wine, like 3 times a week. LOL. Maybe if I make one into a spritzer it will feel like an actual drink…

*Notice I said less. Still hungry and could totally go for some junk food right now, but less hungry than day 2.

Until next time!

Xo- Em