5 DIY Stovetop Scents Your Home Can’t Live Without

Is stovetop one or two words? The internet seems to be indecisive so I am going with one with the assumption that you’ll understand. Plus, Stovetop Scents looks better than Stove Top Scents. “Stove, what kind of a name is Stove, what are you, an appliance?” “My name is Steve, and I am a flight attendant.” -Bridesmaids, look it up. Apologies in advance for this post, so much coffee has been had.

*Affiliate Disclosure

With the news of our move, came the news that our landlord was going to be putting our apartment up for sale. Ok, it feels weird calling her that because she’s our age and totally awesome and I always think of landlords as these old angry people that won’t fix your leaky, clamoring pipes. That’s maybe extreme, but whatever. Anyway, she has put it up for sale, and because I am working from home these days, it has turned into my part-time job to clean the place and show it to potential buyers. I KNOW. Turns out I am really good at it and the last people thought I was the selling agent-ha! They even said I should be getting commission…MANAGER?! I need to speak with someone about this!

So me being me, I do hours of research on how to sell a house (bonus: if we sell it, we can break our lease. If it doesn’t sell, or rent it, we’re locked in. Hello, motivation). I knew all of the main things like de-clutter, de-personalize, basically make it as clean and as neutral as possible, etc. I also knew that it could be beneficial to make sure your home smells good. So before our first showing, I threw some lemon, rosemary, and vanilla extract, into a pot water and let it simmer on our stove. It was wonderful and now I am hooked! What else can I do? So many yummy fall scents that I can create! Who cares if the buyers like it, I do! Scented homes for all!

Below is a list of scents I’ve found that are sure to keep your home smelling great. There really aren’t specific portions you need to follow, just throw the ingredients into a pot and simmer. Add more or less pending how you like it! The best part is, many of the items you might already have on hand, and if you don’t? Improvise!

5 Scents Your Home Can’t Live Without

  1. Lemon, Rosemary, Vanilla Extract (SPRING/SUMMER). Apparently this smells like Williams Sonoma? I can’t say that I have enough money to ever be legally stepping foot in that store, but it must smell delicious because THIS smells delicious.
  2. Grapefruit, Lavender, Juniper Berries, from eHow via 17apart.com– YUM (SPRING). As a total side note, I am super happy that I clicked on this blog from the eHow page because it’s full of home decor type of DIY’s. It has made me realize that I need some power tools. Bad. grapefruit-home-scent.jpg
  3. Mint, Lime, Cucumber, from same eHow article as above and 17apart.com (SUMMER) cucumber-scent.jpg
  4. Mulled Wine– this is where you actually make mulled wine and drink it because otherwise it would be a massive waste of deliciousness (FALL). Just click on the link above to go to a Pinterest search for Mulled Wine. I make my own every winter and it’s a combination of what you’ll see there. I definitely don’t measure or think too much about the ingredients beforehand. If I remember this come wintertime, I’ll do a post on what I create 😉
  5. Cinnamon, Pine, and Candy Canes, from Delia Creates (WINTER). Bonus if you’re as great as her and package these up to bring to neighbors! edit1-00111241

Anybody else starting to get excited for fall? I am!

Xo- Em